Its Condensation

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Its Condensation

Postby Deri » 22 Nov 2014 2:11 pm

I renovated a property last year and yesterday the owners phoned me saying that the bathroom wall is damp because the rain is coming through the wall.
Anyway I think it is condensation but the property owners will not take my word for it.
The problem area is an exterior wall, upstairs, one brick thick which has been re-rendered with 3 coats of sand and cement with waterproofer and finished with 2 coats of wethershield paint on exterior. All roof slates and felt are in good order.
The property is a seccond home and is not lived in full time.
there is currently no mold growth but the wall is damp and the paper is peeling off.
Do you think my diagnosis is correct and what is the solution?

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